Family participant (anon) Generation Education and experience
Waitākere Family Vintners
(son of A1.1)
Third Brought up in winery; Degree in winemaking and viticulture (Australia); Commerce degree (marketing and management); worked for family winery for 2 years after first degree, and 9 months after second degree; worked in sales, marketing, and management for pharmaceutical company; joined family business
(son of A1.2)
Third Brought up in winery; Bachelor and Masters in Commerce (Finance); Worked for an investment banking company; joined family business
Whakatū Family Estates
Second Brought up in winery; Medical degree; Master’s degree and vocational training (UK); Post Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology; Worked in medicine (Australia, UK, NZ); worked in wineries in Australia, USA, and Europe; wine internship at a German University; joined family business
Second Brought up in winery; Wine science degree (Australia); Owner/manager program; Post Graduate Diploma in Commerce; worked in wineries in Europe, Australia, and USA; joined the family business
Second Brought up in winery; Commerce degree (marketing and management); Post Graduate Diploma in Wine Marketing; (international wine and business); worked in family winery during studies; marketing experience in Australia; in-store wine tastings for supermarkets and started own business doing this; worked in high-end cellars; joined family business
Tauihu Family Winegrowers
Second Helped establish the winery and restaurant; worked for a hotel chain including restaurants; joined family business to manage the restaurant and cellar door; worked for regional tourism as marketing manager; rejoined family business as marketing manager/oversees restaurant
Second Worked in family winery once established; Diploma in Viticulture and Wine Production; worked in European and USA wineries; joined family business as a winemaker; started a craft brewery using winemaking methods/equipment (continuing as winemaker); owns/has partnerships in bars
Second Worked in family winery once established; Diploma in Viticulture; worked in wine sales UK for department store; nanny in the UK; worked in wineries in the USA and NZ; joined family business as a viticulturist; established organic winegrowing