Innovations by Each Winery
C1 COOP • High-end screw caps
• Bordeaux bottles
• Two-part / three-part labels
• Modern labelling
• Switching from mash heating to mash fermentation
• Fermenting a large share of wines in oak barrels
• Developing cuvées specifically targeted at a younger population from production process to branding
• Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
C2 SMALL • New visual appearance / corporate design
• Continuing differentiation strategy with the help of CRM software that has an integrated balanced scorecard and deals with both qualitative and quantitative data on customers
C3 STATE • Spontaneous fermentation of cuvées in oak barrels
• Fermenting Sauvignon Blanc and new red wine varieties in oak barrels
• Vegan wine production
• Micro oxidation of Pinot Noir for a rounder wine taste
• Mash fermentation
• Separation of cuvées by varieties
• Self-positioning as an innovative, research-oriented wine estate
• New CRM software
C4 PREM • Establishment of company successors, new generations introducing innovations
• Employing young people from the same age cohort as sommeliers and customers
• IT
• Labels
• New wines classification
• Warehouse expansion
• Price list innovations