Explorative degree (1) PLANT (2) GROW (3) HARVEST (4) PRODUCE
top Minimal pruning Wine scout Optical sorting machine Blue wine
Own seedlings Caterpillar for steep sides Harvesting machine with destemmer iFerm App
Overlapping caterpillar Harvesting machine for steep sides Integrated pump-over machines
high Mushroom-resistant varieties Tunnelling trailer with sprayer Swing destemmer Wine scan, Grape scan
Irrigation with integrated fertiliser Vine wood extractor Night harvest RFID based density test
Barrique management
New varieties/Cloned varieties Air fan Modern press (with press program choice) Fermentation assistant (software)
Cross-flow filtration
GPS planting Defoliator Destemmer Overpressure tank
Master brush Preharvesting/Sorting belt Mixing tank
Pre-cutter Plunger tank
Disk stapler
Trellis education Antidrift injectors Gentle grape transport discharge with vibration Tannin inject
Irrigation Greening Enzyme
Cold maceration
Extended row width Leaf-cutter Harvester Barrels with cooling
Dry ice Cooling systems
Sort & select grapes
standard Trellis education Rotating harrow Soft press activities White wine in wooden barrels
Extended rows length
Big headland Hollow cone Pump-over chips
Compact clones Wooden barrels
low Mulcher Hand mashing
Explorative degree (5) ORGANIZE (6) MARKET (7) DELIVER (8) CARE
top Prosuming WEB 2.0 (Blog) Portioned wine (glass/small bottle) Product reviews
Crowdfunding Twitter Outsourcing
Patent/Licensing Instagram Integrated RFID Treasure vault/Wine bank
high Outsourcing Restaurant Light glass bottle Wine Club
Bar Green wine box CRM exploitation
Facebook VinoLok
Partnerships Online shop Bag-in-box Web pictures, videos
Sustainable company management Winery events Twister Wine route
Solar cells Modern architecture Label/sleeves remover Trial packages
Photovoltaic Joint venture marketing Reusable bottles system Sponsoring barrel production
Modern wine club Delivery tracking system Sponsoring vine stock
Vegan label
Efficient use of water Innovative events Screw cap QR Code
standard Management software (weinbauonline.de) Modern website Customer care (Newsletter, customer letter-emails)
Multiple payment syst
Biodynamic cultivation Awards Modern glass bottle Customer cards
Organic cultivation Sales events Prize competition
Cellar underground Website
less innovative Wine tasting facility Cork cap